About Me

Long ago as a child growing up in southern California, psychedelic was my favorite color. My mom got a tiedye kit when I was about 5. And we dabbled around a bit. But it wasn't until when I was older and when I attended some Grateful Dead concerts I really got interested in the beautiful tiedyes there. A friend of mine Mike started to dye and showed me some basics. Being a artist, it came naturally. Then I had moved to Texas and started my tiedye journey down there in Corpus Christi. A local beach called J.P.Lubey beach park I started selling nationally and then internationally. Then I sold my shirts on the shores of California, Texas, and Hawaii. I almost stopped tiedying a couple times. During the 'great recession ' I was living on the streets for 7 years. Until last year at the beginning of 2013 I moved back to Hawaii to get back on my feet again. So being nicknamed 'the bum', I decided to name my business after the experience I endured. The reward to me is the appreciation. Money comes and go's, but appreciation stays. It's a privilidge to share my art with the world again. I now reside in Hawaii sharing the island influenced tiedye's you see here at tiedyehobo.com